Cosmic Fragments #45

After a brief absence, we’re back to bring you another fine bunch of tunes, from our usual wide ranging selection of genres, eras and nationalities.

This week we have a delightful new featured album from BBC ‘Sound of 2012’ poll winner Michael Kiwanuka. In stark contrast, our classic album is the proto-punk classic ‘Fun House’ from the legendary Stooges.

On top of all that, we have plenty of other audio treats for your lucky earholes, with Metal, Soul, Hip-Hop, Dance, Rock & Roll, Shoegaze, Country and more all represented.

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Have a great week!


About Steve Hancock

Steve is the host of the Cosmic Fragments radio show, he is also the creator and main contributor to the Cosmic Fragments website. On the side, he is also a failing musician, dog owner and shabby boyfriend, he does all of this while maintaining a full time job that provides little financial reward.