Cosmic Fragments #48

Welcome back to Cosmic Fragments, the home of eclectic music radio.Episode 48 brings another fine selection of music, be it old, new, popular or niche, with genres such as Metal, Soul, Electronica, Folk, Swig, Jazz and much more.Our albums of the week are from Quantic & Alice Russell with their brand spanking new ‘Look Around The Corner’ (reviewed here), and Simon & Garfunkel, with their absolute stone-cold classic ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.
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Have a great week!


About Steve Hancock

Steve is the host of the Cosmic Fragments radio show, he is also the creator and main contributor to the Cosmic Fragments website. On the side, he is also a failing musician, dog owner and shabby boyfriend, he does all of this while maintaining a full time job that provides little financial reward.