Cosmic Fragments #51


This week sees a return of the classic album of the week in magnificent style as we listen to three glorious tracks from jazz legends Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on their 1956 album ‘Ella and Louis’.

We also feature Norah Jones in our new album of the week as she moves away from her jazz roots and presents us with a fantastic bluesy pop album, in ‘Little Broken Hearts’.

As usual we also have a massive selection of tracks spanning many genres and eras, from 60’s folk, to contemporary electronica and pretty much everything in between.

If you would like to request a tune, recommend a new or classic album, or send us some unsigned music, please either add a comment below, or contact us in the following places:

Skype – cosmic.fragments

Have a great week!


About Steve Hancock

Steve is the host of the Cosmic Fragments radio show, he is also the creator and main contributor to the Cosmic Fragments website. On the side, he is also a failing musician, dog owner and shabby boyfriend, he does all of this while maintaining a full time job that provides little financial reward.